Intermodal Transportation: A Cost Effective and Green Shipping Option

April 14th, 2009 - by joec

As chemical companies search for new ways to reduce costs, various transportation mode options should be evaluated.   While trucking remains the most dominant mode of moving product domestically, intermodal freight transport (combination of truck and rail) offers opportunities for freight savings, especially when shipping products across the country.

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An underutilized transportation mode, intermodal is proven to cut costs and save fuel, while protecting the environment by reducing emissions. As railways operate more fuel-efficiently than trucks, intermodal transportation also can help reduce a company’s carbon footprint. Faeries dvdrip

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To determine if intermodal transportation is an option for your enterprise, business unit leaders should collaborate with their logistics  group or third-party consultants to evaluate supply chain strategies. Engaging the sales and marketing stakeholders early in the planning process is essential for the adoption of change and development of appropriate customer value scenarios. Typically, the longer the haul, the more cost effective intermodal transportation over alternative freight shipment modes.  However, modified lead times, resulting in new re-ordering points, may be trade–offs that must be considered with your customer base.  It typically takes 8 days to cross the country using intermodal methods.  As rail carriers work to improve shipping schedules, reduce loading and unloading times, and increase the number of lanes to support multiple delivery locations, intermodal transportation is worth another look when evaluating your transportation options. At the same time, you’ll be supporting the reduction of carbon emissions, an initiative all companies are now considering to support “green” campaigns.

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I welcome your feedback on experiences you’ve had with intermodal.


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